Character Connex Day 2 (Quepos)

It has been quite an interesting day during our four hour bus ride we were able to get out and walk across a bridge. As we walked across the bridge and looked down there were about 7 or 8 huge wild crocodiles. Supposedly, they live in all the rivers here in Costa Rica and keep in mind we are supposed to go white water rafting next weekend. When we arrived in Quepos and picked up the Police Officer that is accompanying us into the schools we were taken to a little port or marina. To get to the school we had to take a boat. It is hard to the programs because we are not supposed to mention God. On top of that, when you look into their eyes and see the pain makes it more difficult. For the second program we decided we would just say what comes out. As I was talking about sexual abuse I added at the end that God loves them all and they are all very special and He has a great plan for your lives. After the program I was told as I was talking there were guys selling drugs out of their car. So, everything we were talking to the kids about was being demonstrated all around us. Michelle Triplett and I also prayed for a lady because she was having marital problems and such and I prayed with a little boy who was sick. We decided if we can't talk about God we will just personally talk to the people around us and minister to them on a personal level.

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