This week is AGTS week. AGTS stands for Assembly of God Theological Seminary. Every trimester a professor from AGTS comes to CINCEL and gives missiology/cross-cultural classes. Those who are working towards their Masters can take extra classes and are able to receive credit. So, not only, do we have AGTS classes but also Spanish classes. Delonn Rantz, who used to be a missionary in El Salvador, is who is giving the classes this week. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes this morning and I know that I will enjoy them through the remainder of this week.
Some other students, and I, are going to be a part of a survey from a student at Vanguard University working on his Ph.D. The purpose is to identify, survey, and interview missionaries who would agree to participate in his research during our time in Costa Rica and upon arrival of our field. This is for his thesis on how adults learn and how they process experience as a mean of learning.

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