Trouble Won't Go

I actually talked on the phone with my mom for the first time yesterday. She told me about the storm and started crying as she was saying how scary it was and how horrible and crazy Baton Rouge is right now. People are doing what they can to survive. God blessed my family because my mom was able to find a generator after waiting for more than hour in line. The few stores that are open are only letting about 10 people in at a time so I can imagine the line moves slow. However, having a generator means you need gas and everyone needs gas; but there isn't any. When one place gets gas everyone goes there and waits until it runs out. A girl that is here with me works with Convoy of Hope. She told me that they have a distribution point at The Hope Center on Rieger Road. I have been trying to call my mom and let her know that they can get ice and food there but now her cell phone is not working, so I can not get in touch. To hear how upset she is and not being there is really hard on me. I am trying not to be worried or upset but it is super difficult. My sister and brother have been helping out at the shelter at Bethany World Prayer Center and my dad went and donated blood at Our Lady of the Lake but at the mobile unit since it runs on a generator. Three years ago, after we were able to get back on the roads, my family and church drove down to Slidell to work with Convoy of Hope. Now, it is my family who needs to go through that line to receive help. If you would like to help with disaster relief go to convoyofhope.com and you can donate to Gustav Relief. I can't be down there to help but I donated knowing the money would go directly to getting supplies to my state.

I have been listening to a song by Enter the Worship Circle called "Trouble Won't Go". The first verse says, "Trouble won't go and peace won't stay, Oceans roar and levees break, Trouble won't go and peace won't stay, bridges fall and earth gives way, ain't no refuge but you my God, ain't no safe place but in your arms, I'm gonna be still, I'm gonna be still."

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