Reopening Old Wounds

Today has been a little tough for me as I watch the eye of the Hurricane go through my home town of Baton Rouge. The last contact I had with my family was around 11:30 am so now I am just watching and waiting. It was very hard to concentrate on Orientation today while my mind was wondering about what was going on in Louisiana. I am very irritated at the National news because all they talk and report on is New Orleans, which did not really get that much of the storm. When places like Houma and Baton Rouge had the eye go over and they barely mention that. In my weakest moment today a friend came over to pray with me and I just started crying because I was overwhelmed with emotion. Emotion from old wounds of the things that happened during Katrina, wounds of moving away from good friends, and the mostly wounds of wondering what is going on and if my family and friends are going to be alright. But I know that the Lord has them in His hands.

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