Parrot and a Tree

A few days ago as I was getting ready for school I was startled by an overpowering squawking coming from outside of my window. It was so loud that I knew it could not be a normal bird. However, they can fool you because in El Salvador there are birds that squawk and sing like they are the most beautiful birds in the world and it is just like a common blackbird. So, I had to investigate and see what kind of bird this was. I have sheer curtains across my window so I could vaguely see something moving outside. I climbed onto my bed and looked out my window and sitting on the ledge was a big, green Parrot.

My teacher told me yesterday, in class, that the government gives away trees, for free. It is something they do to help the environment. Today I was working with King's Castle and in a park were two trees that had a white fence around it. Those are the trees that people have planted and are illegal to cut them down. This particular teacher also introduced me to a famous Latin poet named Mario Benedetti who is from Uruguay. I truly enjoyed this poem we read and plan on looking for more of his poem's to read. In English it says, "When we were children, old people were in their 30's, a pool was like an ocean, and death does not exist, When we were teenagers, the old people were in their 40's, a pond was like an ocean, and death was only a word, When we got married the older people were in their 50's, a lake was like an ocean, and death was the death of others, Now with experience, I have grabbed hold of the truth, the ocean is finally an ocean, but death starts to become ours."

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