Ministry and Language School

Today Jacob, Heather, and I worked with a local King's Castle team. It was so great being able to help them out in ministry and playing with the kids. They were all so sweet and it was neat to see different areas of San Jose. So much of this city is very different than El Salvador but we went to an area that felt more like what we are used to, as far as poverty goes. This is such a great opportunity to not only study Spanish, apply it, and on top of it being able to work with the same ministry as I work with in El Salvador.
After we finished up with ministry we took a bus, however, all busses lead to downtown San Jose and then you have to grab a different bus to get where you need to go. Since we were down there we went to the Central Market because we all wanted to buy some fish. We discovered a little treasure while we were exploring. We found a place that has a huge grinder and it grinds up peanuts to make peanut butter, fresh and organic. Not only that but super cheap. Regular peanut butter, a little jar, is atleast $5.00 so it was less than $1.00 for a small jar, it made us very happy. I also bought six Bird's of Paradise flowers for less than $1.00.

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