Dos Cercas

I worked, again, with the local King's Castle team that is from the church I am attending, here, in Costa Rica. I plan on working with them as much as possible. Today we worked in Dos Cercas, which is a community within Desamparados, in San Jose. The church I attend is in Dos Cercas and is in a middle class area but is a more dangerous area. I would like to add that middle class here is not comparable to middle class in the US. What we have been doing is going to different areas and setting up in a central location and then we go invite children to come to the program. We played games, had puppets, learned a Bible verse, and made a craft. It is very much like taking children's church out from the four walls of the church and bringing it to the streets. We had a great time with the kids and being able to help out the local ministry has been a blessing.

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