Burn In Me

For some reason the theme of "burning" continues to re-occur in my life. Burning is usually not a state of comfort and I can attest I am out of my comfort zone. The last two days in chapel the topics have been different but this theme keeps jumping out at me. Charles H. Spurgeon said, "As God puts his children in the furnace he will be in the furnace with them." In a book I recently read about Smith Wigglesworth this portion was engraved in my mind. God spoke and said, 'Wigglesworth, I am going to burn you up until there is no more Wigglesworth left; then only Jesus will be seen." During my prayer time a song came on by Merchant Band called Burn In Me was exactly my heart's cry.

Vs. 1
A reflection of You
Is all I want to be
The fire in You
Is all I need
I try on my own
And I fail time after time
Here I am lord and I give you my life

Come in burn in me, Come in burn in me,
This fire that I see in your eyes is all that I need in this life,
Come in burn in me, Come in burn in me,

Vs. 2
Oh spirit within
I feel you groan
All you want to give
Is what I am longing for
So come break my heart and purge me still more
Consume me God and make me yours

Oh living flame of God, consume me with your heart in everlasting burnings I will dwell, I will dwell

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