The Ability to Learn Other Languages

We have started to get into some heavy stuff in Spanish class. It has not be frustrating, just difficult. However, it is so wonderful to hear words of praise from a teacher. My teacher told Debbie, my classmate, and myself that we both are picking up Spanish very well and she talked to all of our teacher's and they all agree that we are doing a great job. This same teacher, Miriam, also said that she can tell we are learning quickly and would be able to learn other languages if we wanted. This is not a compliment I take lightly because learning other languages is difficult but I enjoy it. It is great to hear such encouraging words. I could not help but smile to myself because I know it is not me or my mind that is allowing me to learn quickly but the Lord. I have been praying that I would retain everything that I learn and speak properly with the right accent. I have had many people tell me that they, also, have been praying for me. So I give God all the glory for allowing me to learn Spanish.

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