World Warrior's in El Salvador

Our journey began and concluded in El Salvador however it does not stop. We worked in Apopa for most of the week doing programs but also passing out tickets and inviting people to Armada 7, which was a huge youth outreach we did at the fairgrounds. The outreach was on a Saturday and the Friday before we drove down a road in Apopa and there were thousands upon thousands of people everywhere. We drove past a tent with a fence around it filled with hundreds of chickens. We did not know what was going on but took advantage of the situation and started handing out tickets and inviting people. I asked one lady what was going on and she told me that ARENA, a political party, was giving out chickens and stuff trying to get votes for elections next year. After we passed out all the tickets we did a program for all those people. It was really cool a little old lady came up to me and wanted me to pray for her because she had skin cancer and wanted God to heal her. We had a great turnout for Armada 7, they brought in a Christian Reggaeton artist named, Capestany, and had a evangelist preach. There were tons of youth that came down and received salvation and were delivered from stuff. This past weekend they had a campemento for those youth who accepted Christ and 400 came.

Our last day in El Salvador we worked at a school that we were told was three times more dangerous than being out on the streets and was a Assembly of God school. In the morning, we had the elementary students and we were advised to be careful with our hands not to do anything that would look like signs and the boys had to tuck in their shirts and we were prohibited from going to the bathroom alone. It was mayhem when the kids started coming in. They were loud, obnoxious, and disobedient. Our team was in a circle in the front and started praying before the program started and I could not even hear anyone. However, someone started singing a worship song and we all started singing it and the presence of God entered that place and you could hear a pen drop; those kids were all sitting down and not making a sound. So we were able to do the program and many children were touched by God in a powerful way. We started at around 8 and finished at noon. Kids were praying and weeping and just receiving from the Lord. After lunch we did a program for the high school students.
During the program Liz, the World Warrior leader, came and talked to me and some other leaders and told us that the Administrator and teachers were in the office praying because of gang activity outside the school. The opposing gang was closing in toward the school. Immediately, Lacey and I opened the Bible to Psalm 91 and started praying it like we did so many times during the trip. We then went into the hallway and prayed during the rest of the program. Most of the teenagers in there were gang members. My heart went out to a particular girl and I went in to talk to her and some of the National's were talking to her but she looked unresponsive. I felt like I should share my testimony but I was hesitant. However, when I walked over one of the girl's looked at me and asked if I wanted to share my testimony. Taking that as confirmation I began to share and minister to her and her eyes welled up with tears and she started crying. She did not accept Christ but I know she is one step closer. After that one of her friends came up and wanted to talk to me and asked me advice regarding issues with her boyfriend so I was able to give her counsel as well. That was completely ordained by God because teenage girls do not open up, much less to someone they do not know. After the program we all had to gather in the hallway and call our bus. Boys were in front and at the back while all the girls were in the middle. When the bus arrived they sent teachers out and then some of the boys in the school that were gang members, basically to escort and protect us, as we quickly got on the bus. We had to sit low until we were out of the area. Psalm 91 was read everyday by me and many others on the trip but the people who gave me that verse, feeling it was for me and gave me the advice to pray it over myself, had no idea how God used it to protect us this summer, even until the very last day.

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