When Will I Learn?

Twenty-five years of living in the United States has handicapped me in the area of buying food and the food keeping for longer than two days. Around 3:30 today I was a little hungry so I opened some Oatmeal cookies and went to pour a glass of milk. Lo and behold, the milk was already ruined. I just bought the milk two days ago. One day after I buy strawberry's there was mold. I buy some cheese and when I opened it...mold. I have been living here for over a year and one would think I would learn to buy less food and go to the store more often. I do not like going more often. I like buying food for a week, eating it, and then going to buy more food. However, that is something you just can not do in El Salvador.


  1. Hm, Kristal.. why does the food not keep well?
    Just curious,

  2. I do not think they use preservatives and chemicals on the food. Which is so much better just hard to get used to. That is the only thing I can think of.