Spoiled by Superstores

American's, including myself, are spoiled by superstores. We can go to one place and get everything we need, so convenient. Usually, there is a superstore within a two mile radius of your home. And how irritated we get when we go to a store and they do not have what we need....a superstore is supposed to have everything our hearts desire. Well, my spoiled superstore attitude was rearranged almost as soon as I moved out of the country. My first eye opener was when I was trying to find ingredients for rice dressing to make for our Thanksgiving Dinner. That was a week long escapade. Not only did I have to go to every grocery store I could find but I ended up having to improvise on the ingredients. Needless to say, it wasn't normal rice dressing. Today I needed some packing supplies such as foam, bubble wrap, ect. I went to a mall called Metro Centro, which has everything you could possible want in one place. However, it had everything but what I needed. I was slightly irate when I came back home asking my roommate where in the world else could I go in this city. She mentioned I should try Office Depot. I thought that is a good idea, good thing I was just by one and I passed it up. So I will have to go on another day because I do not have time to go back and hopefully find the stuff I need to pack my bags.

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