River of Tears

Today was very hard and rivers of tears have been flowing from my eyes and I am only leaving for eight months. In fact, I am coming back to El Salvador to continue the work with the children. As I went to go help out at children's church, like I always do, I was greeted with a decorated room and all the Guardian's clapping and saying they are going to miss me. Then they had me sit in the front and the kids acted out the song "Thank You" by Ray Boltz. I was bawling and at the part of the song where it says, "and one by one they came, as far as the eye could see, each one some how touched by your generosity" all of the children got up and started singing " Thank you for giving to the Lord, I am a life that was changed." It just broke my heart and overwhelmed me with emotion that Lord has chosen me to work here in this country to minister to those kids. Then some of the ones in the higher level came around me and all prayed for me. After the service each one came up and hugged me and told me bye and many of them brought me gifts, which again broke my heart, because of the sacrifice it was for them. One little girl gave me a pillow case embroidered with my name and it says, "Missionary of God". I know it is only eight months and for me it is sad to leave the children, especially the ones I am close with. However, when they come up and hug me and are crying their little eyes out and saying how much they love me and will miss me and thanking me for coming to their country, it is hard. Even now as I am writing I am just weeping. Those kids are why I am here...Psalm 86:9 "All the nations-and you made each one (El Salvador)- will come and bow before you, Lord; they will praise your great and holy name."

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  1. Anonymous3:56 PM CST

    AWHHHHH. I am crying too. God has ordained for you to there with those precious children. That was so sweet!!!