Panama was, by far, everyone's favorite country. Not only are the people amazing but the Spirit of God poured out in that country like we have never seen before. The first school we went to the girl in the picture above with me started weeping during one of the drama's so I started praying and ministering with her. After a while she started praying for me in English saying, "Use her, Jesus, Use her, Jesus, help us to know with us every moment." It was so cool because we are always ministering to others and God used her to minister to me.
Another elementary school we went to about 300 children responded to the alter call. It was so amazing because they were everywhere, on the floor, on their knees, worshipping and crying out to God. Every child I went to I asked what I could pray with them about and they would respond, "I just want more of God, I feel something different and I want more." One little boy was crying and telling one of our leader's that all he wants to do is pray the piano for the Lord. This service lasted a good three hours.
We went into a public school, which was a miracle in itself, because some of the leader's ran into a Pastor the night before in the grocery store and he said let's try to go to this school. So we go and they let us in for one program. However, after the first program and the Administrator saw how the presence of God was moving asked us to do another program. In the middle of the second program she comes and grabs the leaders and says I have about thirty students in a classroom that are just weeping. Please come and minister to these students we don't know what to do. This happened all day long. We did not leave until about 6:30 that evening and everywhere we went students were in classrooms, the cafeteria, wherever seeking more of God wanting the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. It was powerful. I could go on and on about Panama because everyday, every program was like that.

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