Officially in Language School

I arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica yesterday around 3:00 p.m. I feel as if I may go though culture shock here because it is more "American" than El Salvador. Let me explain, I can go run through this area by myself, I can use busses and taxis, and we can drink water from the tap. I am living in a fully furnished apartment on campus and it is so cool. My room is decorated with Magnolia's so the Lord had me in mind when they were decorating the room. Not that I love Magnolia's but it is the Louisiana state flower. I just finished with my interview and placement test so I will find out Monday what level I am and what classes I will have. We had a mini-orientation last night at dinner and Jay Dickerson explained CINCEL as not just a language school but a missionary formation school. Today they are taking us all to a grocery store and teach us how to use the bus system. You can go to www.cincel.org if you would like more information on the school.

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