Nicaragua was very interesting because we were caught in two protests in which we were not allowed to pass through a certain point in the road. So we sat on the side of the road until we were finally allowed to pass. The second time we were on our way into the mountains to do programs and people were waiting for us in the church. So we waited for a while and then decided to take everything off the bus and walk through the protest. So as we were walking they let the bus through and we were able to jump back on and drive the rest of the way. The church was completely filled with people, not only inside but on the outside, and they had been waiting hours for us. So after the program we always pass out candy to the children but because we could not take the bus into the mountains we had to take a pick-up truck and one of the girl's grabbed a smaller bag of candy. It was not enough for all those people. So they dumped the candy into a pillow case and they prayed that God would multiply the candy and He did. Not only did we have enough for everyone but there was more than enough left over.
Another service some of our team members prayed with a lady who was involved in some kind of accident and had a lot of pain in her neck and back and also had a tumor and as they prayed for her the tumor disappeared and the lady said all her pain was gone.
Our free day we went to an active Volcano. I have never seen an active volcano so close up with smoke billowing out of the ground. It was truly amazing.

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