New Roomie

I have met my new roommate through emails and myspace. She seems to be a cool girl and I am excited to meet my new roomie, in person. It is kind of weird because I feel as if I am going back to College and moving in with someone I do not know. The unknown can be a tad bit scary but I know we share the same passion for God, missions, and people. I am sad to be leaving my old roommates because life as I know it will never be the same. However, I truly believe that sometimes the Lord puts people into your life only for a season. I also recently found out that I can enroll in the Global University program at CINCEL so I get credits for attending Language school and get credit for Missiology classes. I am super excited about that because that can help me get my credentials. I am completely satisfied being a Missionary Associate because I feel God wants me to work with King's Castle but I have no idea what the future has in store for me so I would like to be as prepared as possible. So when the day comes that I would like to go fully appointed I will be able to do so.

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