New Friend

While I was working with the Guardians today one of the leaders brought a little girl to me and asked if I could translate into Spanish for her. I was slightly confused because the little girl was Hispanic and we are in El Salvador. Turns out the little girl, Leslie, was visiting from New York. Her mom is Salvadoran, so is she, but born and raised in New York. She spoke perfect English, obviously, and a little bit of Spanish. So I was translating into Spanish for a Salvadoran-American. I asked if her mom spoke English and she said a little bit. She told me her mom speaks to her in Spanish but she always speaks to her mom in English. She also said when she gets to middle school she wants to take Spanish. It blows me away that this child did not speak Spanish. Most of the children were very confused, looking at her and I, while we carried a conversation in English. She quickly became my little friend and did not want to leave my side because she said, "All these people speak Spanish and I don't really understand them."

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