Life is a Series of Hellos and Goodbyes

This evening was my despidida (farewell) at the coffee (cell) group I attend. This group of people have been my Salvadoran family. They were the first people I met when I came to El Salvador. I was able to share with them something I thought God had put on my heart for them. At the end different people said a few things then they gave me gifts. It was super sad but knowing that I am coming back in eight months and able to speak Spanish better is worth the short gap of absence. One of the ladies said I had been such a blessing helping bring people home after the coffee group. There were times I did not feel like loading up my vehicle and taking people home but most the time I did not mind. But to think that something as small as that blessed her. That is what a missionary's life is all about. Doing the things that Jesus would do, personal things. They also all prayed for me which was the best gift I could have received.

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