Costa Rica

The most tragic thing and amazing experiences of my life happened in Costa Rica. On our way from San Jose to Limon a bus crashed right in front of us. We were coming out of a tunnel and all of us smelt something burning and as we came out of the tunnel I looked to my right and see a bus crashed into the rock wall, hanging half way over a drop off and smoke everywhere. The first words out of my mouth was "Everyone pray." Our bus stopped and a few of the leaders immediately jump off and the first thing I see is people crawling out of windows and some men helping this guy about my age who is literally covered in blood. I had the medical kit, which thank God was fully stocked for six weeks worth of traveling, and I asked the men to lay him down and as I have the guys head in my lap and blood is gushing all over the place all I can do is pray and try to calm him down and apply first aid to this gash on his head. A huge gash that I can see all the way to his skull. There were only men because they were guards going out to work in a prison. About 25 injured and 8 seriously wounded. When the first guy was bandaged up I went to the next and to the next. At this time most of our team members were out helping. We were there for atleast one hour before any ambulance, emt, or police arrived on the scene. Had we not been there with the medical kit people would have bled to death. After everyone was bandaged up to the best of our ability we started giving out water to those who could drink, our students were bringing out there own water bottles, pillows, blankets, not caring if they would get covered in blood or ever see them again. Others sat on the bus and prayed which was just as important. One elderly man accepted Christ as his Saviour. Another man told me that we were angels and they would never forget us. Eventually, Police and Ambulances arrived on the scene and were asking me who was the most serious and continued to use our help holding heads in place as they put them on the stretchers. It was so horrible but during the time we were out there helping there was such a peace and God just directed us as to what we should do. Once we got on the bus we all broke down and started weeping and praying for those men. The Lord spoke to me saying that the urgency and compassion I had for those men I should have for all people who don't know Him.
It turned out the area we were working in was on a Banana Plantation. We were ministering to the people who work on these banana farms owned by Dole Bananas. The people were very poor but super nice and giving. We stayed in different people's homes and ate at different places. We ate lots of bananas and many different ways. We divided into groups to go house to house and just help people in their yards or with whatever they may need. The first house my group stopped at the lady did not want us to help because she said she was embarrassed because her daughter was sick and all she could do was take of her and not the house. We insisted that we wanted to help so we worked in her yard for about 45 minutes. During that time one of the National's went inside to talk to her and minister to them. He asked us to come inside to pray for her and her family. So we go inside and the lady's daughter is sitting in a chair and her three younger children were standing next to her. None of us really knew what was wrong. We knew they weren't really living for the Lord and that the one lady was sick. While we were praying I saw crutches but I didn't know anything else. So we pray and go on to the next house. As we are talking to the girl at the next house one of the little girls runs over and tells us to come back. We finish talking and then go back to the original house. Erin, one of the World Warrior's, looks at me and says, "How cool would it be if she was healed?" In that moment it was like we could feel something happen. We go inside and they are all crying and she says I have been healed. I was paralyzed and could not walk and now I can walk and stands up and starts walking. It was so awsome. She came to our service that evening and gave her testimony and people were saved because of her miracle healing. To see the surprise in the people's faces when she was out walking was priceless.

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