Backtracking to Honduras

So I am going to be backtracking a bit so I can share some of the awsome things that happened these past six weeks on World Warrior's. So back to Honduras, the first country we worked in. The first miracle of protection was one night driving back to the church where were staying. An oncoming vehicle threw something out the window and busted out the driverside windshield and cut up his hand. The cool thing is earlier that night, at the church service we were ministering at, the Pastor called us all up to pray for our protection. In the prayer he asked our bus drivers, we had three younger guys, to come up and he prayed for their protection as they drove us around. Praise God the Pastor was listening to the Lord because had he not prayed over all of us and the drivers who knows what could have happened. Needless to say, we drove around without a front windshield for the rest of the week. The next night a little girl was really touched on the street and after the program was over one of the guys was really broken over what all had happened. As he was crying and praying he said something that stuck with me the whole trip. He said, "All she wanted was a hug...and we were there; God was there."

For our free day we went to a 139 ft. waterfall which was a worship experience in itself. We were guided down to the bottom of the fall and went behind it into a cave which was so cool. It was hard, and very scary to get there because you could not see anything and had to trust the people leading you. Once we got into the cave we just started singing worship songs because it was so beautiful and words could not express how amazing it was. All we could do was worship the one who created it.

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