Special Sunday

We had a special Sunday today, for the children, which consisted of the doing new songs and skits, playing games, having a special speaker, and a pinata. Afterwards, I went to the Dream Center, our new property, for a members meeting. The children have church at a different location since there is only a tent at the property. At the end of the meeting we had communion. Before we partook in the communion our worship leader led us in some worship songs. When we started singing "En la cruz, en la cruz" (At the cross, at the cross, where I first saw the light) tears started running down my face. There was such a sweet spirit and I just started thinking about the great sacrifice that was made for me. Communion is such a great thing because it keeps us remembering what Jesus did for each and everyone of us.

I am reading a book by Ted Dekker called "Thunder of Heaven". So far I am very pleased with his writing. This is the first book I have read of his and I have heard nothing but good things. Here is an excerpt from the book I am reading, "A missionary is called to Indonesia perhaps as much for a young boy they talk to in the airport in New York on their way out of the country, than for all the people they preach to in the next twenty years in the foreign land."

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