Sing to the Lord All the Earth

I have to write a little about two worship album's that I recently purchased. One is by Aradhna and it is a Indian worship album. It is wonderful to worship along to and the music is so beautiful. Here is a verse of one of the songs:

"Maharaja biraajey aasana mei
The king is seated on the throne
Surya chandra uski gouda dhare
The sun and moon circling in his lap
Bhavara se tujhe vahi tare re
From the whirlpool of your turmoil he will save you
Mana mera kyu dole re?
Oh my soul why do you waver?"

The songs are not in English but I bought the music "Amrit Vani" from Itunes and it came with a digital booklet and has all the songs in Sanskrit translated to English.

The other album I bought yesterday from the website www.entertheworshipcircle.com. It is called "Chair & Microphone, Vol. 3 and it is soft, acoustic, real worship from the heart. Not only is the music catchy but the words to the songs are very strong and true. I think I could be a bit bias to music from Enter the Worship Circle because I have every single album that they have released.. But it is some of the best music in my itunes library. I love the raw passion behind their music.

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