Programs with the Interns

Every summer interns come to El Salvador and help King's Castle with the inflow of American teams that come here for mission trips. There are twelve to fifteen interns here and most are college graduates or in college. These past few days they had a "boot camp" which is training in songs, dramas, and other things they need to know as they work with teams. However, today we put that training to the test and did programs in three different schools. In one school, a little girl was sitting next to one of the intern's and she was crying. Lacey, the intern, tried to talk to the little girl to find out what was wrong. The little girl would not tell her but continued crying. Eventually, she must have told someone that she has problems in her home. After the program was over and the children were all back in their classrooms a few of us went into the classroom of the little girl named, Becky. Naty, the Master Commission team leader, explained to the children that we all have problems but Jesus can help us and we ask Jesus to help us by praying. She explained that Bible says we should pray for others so we should pray for Becky. All 35 little kids stretched their hands toward Becky and started to pray for her. It was absolutely precious. As soon as we walk in, at a different school, I was mobbed by a bunch of little kindergarden kids coming to give me hugs. Usually, the children here are very friendly but can be a bit standoffish however, these kids were definitely not. After the programs I went back to Las Delicias with Karen, one of my roommates, and helped with her English class. It was a lot of fun because they were playing Bingo and practicing their English with me.

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