Tribute to the Box

It was a nostalgic, sad weekend for me because this past weekend was the end of Alex Box Stadium. I have been going to LSU baseball games since I was three or four years old. Spring always meant going to the Box to see LSU play. It is even more sad because I was not able to go to the last games because I am here in El Salvador. It may not seem like that big of a deal but when you have so much emotional attachment or so much of your past is invested in something or someplace it can feel like a part of you is being destroyed. I can not tell you how many batting practices I went to and buckets of baseballs we collected and autograph's I got. I can remember players as far back as Ben McDonald and Lyle Mouton. I remember Rich Cordoni because of his strange batting stants. When I started playing softball all the other girls would pick numbers from pro players, not me, I chose Todd Walker's number 12 to proudly wear on my back. I have spent many times watching games when it was freezing and I could not feel my feet or when it was unbearably hot but thankfully, my dad had seats at the top where there was air flow. We sat through many horrible renditions of the National Anthem and seen many birds nests fall on people's heads, and saw trains go by. I will never forget "the bird man" and "the K lady". I have spent many birthdays at Alex Box and gone to many regionals and Super-Regionals. Back in the day on Wednesday nights you could go out on the field and stand by the players during the National Anthem. One time the players even chased a greased pig around the field. I have even been hit by a home run and foul ball or two. Those are some memories I would like to forget. Alex Box stadium will never die in my mind and as my dad said, "We had so many memories there." It is true....when I think about LSU baseball or Alex Box Stadium I think of my dad and all the time I spent with him there. How he always takes score, went to the games through thick or thin, how he would get there two hours before the game for batting practice, and how he would explain the game to me. I am all about change and the new stadium is going to be nice but sometimes it is hard to let the old go.

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