Termos del Rio

Yesterday was the celebration of my birthday with my roommates because my mom and sister were here during my actual birthday. We decided to try out a water park called "Termos del Rio". None of us really knew what to expect but it was alright. Not quite as clean as a park in America and there were not any rules and most of the slides were made out of concrete so we all came back pretty banged up. Probably the biggest annoyance were all the teenagers hitting on us. So many young kids were trying to talk to us and give us compliments and follow us around. However, I can now say I have been and experienced a Salvadoran water park. After we came home and changed my roommates took me to a Mexican restaurant where they told them it was my birthday, even though my birthday was almost a month ago. So this guy, who was not our waiter, comes over and puts a huge sombrero on me and sings Happy Birthday not in Spanish and not in English but in Chinese. He then insists I have to eat the first bite of my ice cream thing with my mouth or my wish will not come true. I told him I did not make a wish. So my first birthday celebration in El Salvador with my roommates was an interesting one. When we finished eating, which for me could not have come sooner, we went over to some other missionary's house and had a gathering with all the missionaries in which I played Boggle for most of the evening.

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