Seed Has Been Sown

One of my roommates, Janelle, is over cell groups in the church here in El Salvador. Part of her ministry is to go and visit different cell groups to see how they are functioning. Last night I went with her to Alta Vista, which is a community about twenty minutes outside of San Salvador. They had a good amount of people and many children that I work with were there. They had asked Janelle to share and at the end she began to pray and first asked if anyone wanted to accept Jesus Christ. One lady was crying and raised her hand and said, "I do." I started to think how many people had planted seeds into her life, maybe, not even knowing it. This lady needed no encouraging or talking into, she was ready to live for the Lord. We should be planting seeds into lives of people everyday, all the time. Seeds of love, kindness, joy, ect. You never know when a person could be one person away from accepting the Lord. Are you planting seeds?

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