Ready for Change

So many everday things in El Salvador can turn into a big ordeal. Every time my roommates and I go get a haircut it becomes a stressful situation. We all three have curly hair and it is hard enough to explain what you want in English much less doing it in Spanish. We went and got our haircuts and they did a good job. The girl straightened my hair, which I have only done once in my life. However, two hours later it was already frizzing and starting to curl. Another normal thing but in a different language can be more of a challenge is leading worship. The songs I play for the cell group are usually songs I know already know in English but it is a whole different story playing and singing in Spanish. It always goes well, whether I do good or not, because the Lord is being glorified. Today I worked with Master's Commission, again, doing programs. It was a good day; we reached many adults and children. FYI, the cheapest gas is $4.34 a gallon.

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