Memorial Day Cook Out

All of the missionary's got together today for a Memorial Day cook out at the Triplett's house, the fully appointed missionaries here in El Salvador with King's Castle. There were a lot of people and we had a good time. A new couple and a single guy just finished language school are here to work in the ministry. The guy is from Louisiana and the couple is from Alabama. It is nice to finally have some southern folk around. I was the lone Southerner in the midst of tons of Yankees. Around 6:30, as everyone is sitting around in the kitchen, the fixtures started shaking and the ground was moving. I can always tell we are having a tremor because my stomach turns and I get very dizzy. It always seems to happen so quick and I do not realize what I need to do but when Bro. Don yelled, "It's a tremor, everyone get outside" it registered that I needed to move. By the time we all got in the backyard it had stopped but it is always strange, nonetheless. We had a really strong one about a month ago. Every time we have a tremor it makes me wonder how I would react if we actually had an earthquake, and how hard it would be to do relief work. Just like the earthquake in China something like that could happen here. In the midst of disaster what would I do? How would I react? Would I be strong enough for those who needed me?

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