Gift From the Heart

I went out with Master's Commission today, again, and in the last program something happened that really touched my heart. When I say programs, I mean that we play games with the kids and then do like a Sidewalk Sunday School or Children's Church but in the street or somewhere within the community. There was a little nine year old boy, named Samuel, who had Down's Syndrome. He was super sweet going around hugging us and when we were doing a song for the kid's he was with us doing all the motions. After the song, one of the Master's students who was leading the program, told him to come over so they could give him a prize. So one of our clowns goes over to get him. As they are talking the clown says, "I want a prize, too." But the leader of the program told the clown he was sorry but the prizes were for the kids. The little boy takes the toy, he just received, and gives it to the clown. The guy playing the clown told him it is alright and he could keep his prize but the little boy kept putting the toy in front of him and shook his head wanting the clown to have the toy. So the clown finally takes the toy and they of course give him another toy and I saw the clown later go give him the other toy so he ended up with two prizes and was so happy and excited. We all thought it was the sweetest thing that the little boy felt bad because the clown wanted a toy and did not get one so he gave his away.

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