Gas Prices in El Salvador

My vehicle was running on empty yesterday and I decided to pull into the Esso gas station, close to where I live, to purchase some gas. I looked up at the gas prices and to my horror I saw the cheapest gas was $4.14 a gallon. My measly $10.00 did not even give me three gallons. That is a lot to pay but I glanced at the price of diesel and saw it is $4.40 a gallon quietly said a prayer thankful I did not have a diesel. I do not use that much gas around town because everywhere I go is fairly close except when I drive out to the lake every Wednesday, for my CCI class, which is 65 kilometers away.

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  1. Anonymous4:32 PM CST

    I know El Salvador uses the US dollar, but is gas sold by the gallon or litre? How much is gas currently?