Fried Armadillo

As I washing my sleeping bag and wet clothes from this past weekend I forgot to write about the interesting animals people were selling on the side of the road. Once you past San Miguel, going toward Morazan, you are pretty much in the country. I was listening to my ipod and looking out the bus window at the mountain view and I saw a women on the side of the road holding an upside down, dead armadillo. My first reaction was, "Oh, my gosh, that lady is holding a huge armadillo." Then it hit me by the time I saw the second one that they were selling them. I turned to Carlos, the Master Commission leader and teacher of CCI, and asked, "You eat armadillo here?' He smiled and replied, "Yeah, it is good and we eat Iguana." He did not explain how they eat it but I assume they fry it or maybe put it in a soup. Fortunately, I have not had the pleasure of trying these Salvadoran delicacies.

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  1. Anonymous12:25 PM CST

    Armadillo is tough and fatty. I don't thing they fry it. Probably, soups, stews and such where they have to cook it for long periods of time to make it tender enough to eat.