CCI Camping Trip

This past weekend, everyone who has been taking the CCI course, were required to go to a campemento in the department of Morazan. We went to the land that King's Castle owns called Montana del Rey. It is in the Northeastern part of El Salvador right on the border of Honduras. It was the first time most of the second year Master's Commission students had ever been camping so it was cool to be able to share the experience with them. We actually camped in tents, cooked food on an open fire, and bathed in the river. It was a realistic introduction as to what camping is. We even had a bonfire and roasted marshmallows. I was the teacher because none of them had roasted marshmallows before. When we arrived on Friday night we sat up camp but right before we went to bed it started pouring rain, being that rainy season has just started. So my little, two person tent was certainly not waterproof and all of our stuff got wet. It rained through the whole night, both nights, that we were there. The river we bathed in was really beautiful because it was full of rocks and lots of rapids and big waterfalls. It was fun climbing on all the rocks, playing in the waterfalls, and jumping off the rocks into the water. The CCI part was really good, as well, I feel I learned a lot. I was definately stretched with my spanish because I had to lead a 30 minute Bible Study and then practice dealing with a problem child. The CCI course is teaching us how to be facilitator's at camps.

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