Where To Begin

The past three weeks have been extremely busy for me. The week of March 17 started the Cumbre Mundial, World Summit, in which the King's Castle ministries from other countries came together to El Salvador for a week. Tuesday night we did "Exodus" which is the big production the World Warrior's did when I first came to El Salvador. Then Wednesday night was the Guardian's night. I led the Guardian's in worship we sang the five english worship songs that we had been working on since October. It was a awsome night and the kids did great. On Saturday they took everyone on a tour and part of the tour was to come to Nueva Esperanza and watch Kid's Quest, in which I was the clown Ling. The whole week was amazing. The quality of dramas, skits, preaching, worship was top notch. The Cumbre Mundial happens every two years but is in different countries each time so it was a blessing that it happened to be in El Salvador while I was here. That same Saturday that we had Kid's Quest a AIM team came in and I worked with them until the following Saturday when yet another AIM team came in. I also worked on that team. I was the official translater of both teams. I don't feel like my Spanish is on the level to be considered a translater but I know that is how I will learn more. Now I am catching up on emails and answering questions and sending out applications for kids who are wanting to come down for World Warrior's. This Saturday I will be teaching the Guerreros English. The Guerreros are the Guardian's who have graduated into adolescentes. It is neat because many of the Guerreros were Guardian's when I was here in 2005 so I am able to work them again.

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