Testimony of God's Protection

I have been traveling more this week than usual and I try to say a prayer everytime I get behind the wheel, in this country, but especially when I going far and by myself. On Sunday, after church, Janelle and I took the families in her cell group to this park that is up the mountain. As we were driving up I started hearing a weird high pitched sound that was coming from the back of my truck. It was not super loud but it was not normal and it was enough for me to worry. Then as we were driving back I made sure I prayed because my truck was full of kids and I did not hear anything else the rest of the way. The next day, which was yesterday, I went to the airport to pick up my mom and sister and I did not notice anything strange. Today I took my mom and sister to the Mayan Ruins and after we returned to the city my truck started making bad, loud noises and I felt like grinding when I pressed the gas. We barely made it home and I was able to bring it to a mechanic in which we saw that the last place that worked on my car put the brakes back together wrong, in the back, and they are completely shot. Thank God His hand was on me and nothing happened with all those trips I have been making and that I did not have an accident.

Other news, tonight we went to Janelle's cell group and when we walked in they had made a big sign that said, "Bienvenidas Katy y Jana," welcome Kathy and Jana. They were all very excited to meet my mom and sister. My mom also shared about Jesus Christ being the Hope of Glory. It was neat because before we started praise and worship Janelle read Jeremiah 29:11-13 and that was one of the verses mom used as well. It was no accident that God put that verse on both of their hearts. It was very important for everyone there to understand that there is a hope. Many of the women have lost there jobs and are upset and worried about how they are going to suport their children and put food on the table. But they have a hope in Christ Jesus. After mom shared we had a good time of prayer and ministry.

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