Punta Roca

Every Tuesday is technically the ministry day off. So if we want to go do something Tuesday is the day. Especially, for all of us who work with the children because it is the weekends that are super busy. So I took two future missionaries and two children's pastors to the beach today. It is very rare that they are able to get away and do something special so I felt honored to be able to take them, plus they are my friends and I have really enjoyed working and getting to know each one of them. The two guys, who are raising their funds, one is going to Cambodia and the other to Nicaragua very soon. Ivar, the one going to Cambodia, surfs and I had told him a while back I wanted to go surfing so that is why we chose Punta Roca because it is the best surfing spot in El Salvador. I had not surfed in a while so I was kinda nervous especially because there were nothing but rocks everywhere. But once we got out we caught a few gnarly waves. The waves were way bigger than anything I surfed in Texas. It was alot of fun being out there with the locals. One local surfer was giving us tips on surfing and how to catch the waves but not crash into the rocks which was something I really payed attention to. I did not get messed up until we started to go in and a huge wave rocked me and threw me under the water and I got pushed into the rocks. I only came up with a few scrapes and cuts on my legs. It was a minor price to pay to be able to surf Punta Roca.

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