Diabetes: A Life-Threatening Disease for the Poor

Imagine being a twelve year old girl and being hospitalized and told you have diabetes. To this child diabetes is a life-threatening disease. Imagine being the mother of this girl and worrying because you cannot afford any treatment for your daughter. The only thing that can be done is to watch what you eat which is easier said then done when the poor consume beans, rice, and tortillas for the majority of their meals. This is the story of a Guardian of the Vision named Karen. The first time I was a Cabin leader for a camp she was in my group. I did not know, until this past, Saturday that she was sick. I went to a service on Saturday for the leader's of cell groups and Karen and her mom were there. Karen sat with me and after worship service Janelle called up Karen and her mom to pray for healing. Janelle asked me to come up and pray for Karen as Janelle prayed for her mom. Karen was just in the hospital and not only is her mom upset that her daughter is sick but can not afford to pay for any kind of treatment. The only thing that can be done is pray for a miracle in Karen's life. After the service Karen wrote me a note that said,

"My prayer request is for God to give me healing. I truly thank you, sister, for praying for my healing. Thanks and I am waiting for my healing and I trust in God alot. Thank you sister Kristal and I care for you alot."

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