Bumming on the Beach

I love the beach and it was nice to be able to take my mom and sister to one here in El Salvador. We went to Costa del Sol and stayed at Joya de Pacifico resort. The beaches in El Salvador are somewhat different. Most of the time you can not just drive up to the beach or park somewhere and walk to it. There are resorts lining the beach front and you have to stay at one of the resorts; you can stay for the day or nights. Usually, we go just for the day. Joya de Pacifico is the one Bro. Don and Sis. Terri Triplett go to and so we know it is a safe place for us to go as well. I have been to other beaches but I went with Nationals. Unfortuantely, being white makes you are a target so it is best to go places we know are safe. We had a great time of relaxing, talking, and soaking up the sun. My sister and I also attempted surfing but the waves were very strong and really choppy so we did not do so well.

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