Another Trip Around the Sun

Thursday was my birthday and I took another trip around the sun, as one of my friends said. Last year on my birthday God supplied all my financial needs to come to El Salvador. This year I am actually in El Salvador and my mom and sister are here with me. Friday I had my CCI class, out at the lake, so my mom and sister were able to see the International Campgrounds and were also able to go up to the Prayer Fortress. Friday night we went to see Marcos Witt, a famous Spanish worship leader, from Houston. Then on Saturday they tagged along with me with the Guardian's of the Vision classes. The kids sang Happy Birthday to me and then all attacked me and gave me hugs. One of the levels of Guardian's was practicing how to evangelize on the street so it was cool that my mom and sister were able to experience the children doing that. Then they came with me as I taught my English class. This morning I am preaching in the Guardians service at church and my sister, Jana, is sharing in Sunday School with the Cell group leaders. So, even though, they came to visit me they have had opportunities to minister, as well. Everyone thinks my mom is my older sister. Every single person I have introduced them to has told me we all look exactly alike. Of course mom is loving that people are saying she looks so young.

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    it's gonna be a good year