Two New Must Have Worship Albums

I have two new worship albums that are phenomenal. They are completely different worship styles but amazing in their uniqueness. The first album is Bethany Presents Deluge (live). I think the artist may actually be considered Deluge. The Second is Fourth Circle by Enter the Worship Circle. I can not get enough of either of these two albums. If you want to add some style and passion to your worship music collection check these two bands out. Seriously, while I was working with an AIM team last week, and we had lots of time riding a bus, I could not stop listening to the Deluge band. The songs are so awsome and powerful and continued to minister to me every time I turned it on. I just bought the Fourth Circle and it never ceases to amaze me the creativity and rawness of their worship. I love Enter the Worship Circle stuff because it is so real. I feel like I am just sitting around with them as they worship from the depths of their hearts.

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