A Privilaged Clown

I received a call from the Kid's Quest director here in El Salvador asking me to be Ling, the girl clown, in a program next Saturday. I didn't realize until today that all 700 people from the Cumbre and going to come to the little community church in Nueva Esperanza and watch us put on a Kid's Quest program. It is quite a bit nerve racking because there are all kinds of Children's Pastors from the US here and are professionals in what they do as far as clowns and puppets and such, not to mention those from all over the world. However, I must admit I am a bit flattered that of all the Master's Commission students and anyone else who is trained in Kid's Quest that I was asked. Eventhough I am just a clown I pray that God will use me to reach those children in Nueva Esperanza and that I will be the best clown I can be.

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