La Playa El Espino


One of the girls, Evelyn, who stayed with us during the week of prayer is from El Espino. She invited a few of us to come to her church on Saturday night. We woke up early Saturday morning and drove to the most beautiful place I have ever been. El Espino is a beach town that has not been consumed with tourist traps. It is very quaint and rustic, exactly how I like it. The beach front was lined with with bamboo booths selling food and drinks. Vendors walking up and down the beach selling everything from coconuts to shell bracelets. There was nothing but beach as far as you could see. You could walk out 100 ft. into the water and it was only ankle deep and there were tons of shells. The waves were big but there was no riptide while we were there. When you were out in the water looking back to the shore beyond the shoreline were mountains. It was such a beautiful place. I felt like a "real" missionary because I was offered all kinds of different types of fish and shellfish. From fried fish, to clams straight from the shells, octupus and other shellfish that I don't know the names of, and scrambled eggs and shrimp. It was all so good and I would love to live in El Espino strictly for the fresh fish. On the beach, fisherman come in from fishing and sale their catch straight from the boats and then you can take it up on the shore and have someone cook it for you. That evening we attended church and I was able to talk to Evelyn's pastor for a long time explaining the importence of Club Castillo and the Guardian's of the Vision. He was very interested in starting the program and asked me to help them to get the manual's and someone to come train them. Evelyn's parents own a quaint little "resort". More like what we would call a camp....when you go fishing or something. Basically, a few rooms to rent out to those who come down to visit. But the rooms were across from the ocean and all night long I could here the wonderful sound of the crashing of waves. I was truly in my paradise.
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