My Week of Working With the Wisconsin Team

Many churches come to El Salvador for a mission trip. This past week I worked with a team from Wisconsin that was a Medical/Dental, Construction/Mechanic, Outreach/Evangelism team. I was leading the outreach team with Mario, a 2nd year Master's Commission student. Here is a breakdown of what we did and the highlights of the day.

Monday-We worked in Nueva Esperanza (New Hope) which is a community built within the lava fields. Played with the kids for a long while and did two programs (like a sidewalk sunday school). I also helped translate for one of the nurses and the kids took us on a hike through the lava.

Tuesday-Worked in Guadalupe and stayed at the church with the clinic most of the day. Played with the kids, did a program, gave out clothes and toys. Found an Avocado tree and the kids helped us pick avocados.

Wednesday-Worked in Mira Flores and had some Guardians of the Vision work with us as we did programs in some schools. Noe, a Guardian from Mira Flores, was so proud that his little community had new paved roads. Previously, when I had been to this area the roads were dirt and easily washed away by the rain. Many people who went through the clinic accepted Christ. One 93 yr. old accepted Christ!

Thursday- Worked in Las Delicias and played tons of Soccer. We also did a program there are the church.

Friday- Worked in Las Delicias again. Played more soccer. Worked with the feeding program and gave out clothes and toys.

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