Learning New Things

Today, while helping out with a team that is working in Las Delicias, I was able to see how tamales are made. I informed the church ladies that were making them that I have had tamales here but I have never seen them made. I even attempted at making one myself, much harder than it looks. Salvadoran tamales are very different from Mexican tamales, that most people are familiar with. Salvadoran tamales are not dry and are wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. They put different things in them but the ones that were being made today had this corn stuff, salsa, potato's, and chicken. They usually sell them for $.25 a piece but they sold them to us for, the great deal of, $.15 a piece. I also watched the boys shoot down mangos with homemade slingshots and tiny rocks. They would shoot a little rock into the Mango tree's and about a dozen mangos would fall. You eat them straight off the tree and with some salt. They are green mangos so they are hard and acidic but delicious, nonetheless. Today was my kind of day....play soccer, play with the kids, eat lots of mangos, and have a tamale.

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