Putting My Guitar to Good Use

A good friend of mine bought me a really cool Martin Backpacker guitar the Christmas before I left for El Salvador. I was so blessed that he bought it for me. It is perfect for traveling and great for me to have here. I play it all the time but I actually used it tonight to lead worship at a cell group. I have lead worship at Bible study's and stuff before but this was a little harder because I was leading worship in Spanish. Most songs are not translated literally so it can be a bit difficult when you are used to playing certain chords with certain words. But it went well. I had been practicing worship songs in Spanish for a reason and the Lord must have been preparing me for tonight. I really didn't want to do it because I am not that confident on the guitar. However, I know that it is all for the Lord and doing things like this not only stretch me, but it helps me with my Spanish.

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