Give It Away

Last night I brought a lady named Sister Rosita home from the cell group. I have been sick with a cold for about a week. I feel better now but I am just coughing alot and I am working with a team helping to translate. So I am talking more than normal and my voice is going out. She was telling me I need to buy some lemons and honey and that will help my voice. When I arrived at her home she turned to me and said, "Here is a little offereing go and buy some lemons and honey." I didn't want to take it but I know culturally you always take whatever is given to you. I just assumed it was a dollar. When she left and I looked down at what she gave me it was a ten dollar bill. That may not seem like alot but for here it is so much. I cried and cried all the way home because it was so humbling. It broke my heart to think about the sacrifices her family will be making because she gave me her money. Then I think about America and how we are so stingy with our money eventhough we have so much of it. Maybe if we gave more of our money to bless others we would receive more of a spiritual blessing which is what I prayed over her life.
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