Extending My Time in El Salvador

This past week I went on a fast to seek the Lord's face as to what direction I should take when my term ends in May. I felt God telling me to dedicate these last three months completely to Him. God impressed on me that I should rid my life of any distractions, anything that was taking away time from Him. So I did just that. When I broke my fast on Tuesday morning Sis. Terri Triplett, asked if I would like to extend my time through August to help with World Warrior's and AIM teams. I believe that this was an answer to my prayers. I was under the impression that I could not extend because I have not been to language school but Mr. Paul Weis, the Area Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, approved the three month extension. I just need all my monthly supporters to continue to support me until the end of August.

Psalm 31:15 "My future is in your hands..."
Proverbs 23:18 "For surely you have a future ahead of you and your hope will not be disappointed."

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  1. Anonymous1:27 PM CST

    I was looking forward to seeing you in 4 months! Now, I am looking forward to seeing you in 7 months!

    I love you and miss you, mom