Preperations Have Begun

Next week is a week long Guardians Camp. So yesterday and today we had a leader's campamento to prepare for next week. I am on the crew that is helping with all the games. At the lake there is a 7 station, team building, area that is used but has been taken over by brush and shrubs. So starting at 7 this morning until about 3:30 we cleared out the mountainside with the only tools being a machete, pick-axe, and rake. I certainly do not mind hard labor but I like to be warned that I was going to be doing that all day in the jungle because I would not have worn shorts. We did get it all cleared out but I didn't escape quite a few blisters on both hands and my body is already sore. Some of the guys were teasing me saying it was my first time to ever do anything like that. It kind of irritates me because they truly believe because I am from the U.S. that I have never had to work.

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