Legal to Drive Until 2012

Yesterday I went along with some other Missionary's to get our driver's license. You can drive with your license from the United States for two months legally and I was about at that. Plus, two weeks ago when I was flagged down by the police and I didn't have my Salvadoran license he really gave me a hard time. The process went faster than expected. We started at 8:30 am at the Women's Hospital to get our blood taken because they require your blood type to be on the license and they want to check for AIDS. Then we had to go get our NIT card which is some type of card with a number that you have to have to purchase a home, sign a contract, get a driver's license. Then we went back to the clinic to get our blood results and then were finally able to get our Driver's License with no hang ups. So now I have four cards that I need to have with me at all times. My residency card, NIT card, card that proves I bought my vehicle, and Driver's license.

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