Christmas Eve

Today started off like any ordinary day. I went outside to sit in the sun and read my Bible and drink my coffee. My family headed to Texas to my grandparent's for the holidays. It is somewhat bleak being away from family during this time. However, I am happy to be able to experience Christmas in the country that God has put on my heart for such a long time. Christmas Eve is the day when they celebrate "Christmas" here in El Salvador and from what I understand all Latin America countries do the same. Fireworks are a huge part of this holiday...which have been going off non stop for atleast the last week. There is a service at church around 3:00 and then afterward I am going over to the Triplett's where we will be having a Christmas party for the children in our neighborhood. Tradition here is that you stay up all night and do fireworks to bring in Christmas day. Kind of like New Year's Eve.

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